Regeneration of Industrial Buildings in Ukraine

In most Ukrainian cities there is big number of industrial buildings that are not working anymore and stay empty. These buildings do not correspond with current economic demands and are often situated within or close to residential areas. Gradually deteriorating, they transform surrounding areas into depressed zones. Abandoned territories are not integrated into an overall structure and processes of the city. So-called “frozen” zones of the city take some space from inhabitants, which is important for creative process in the area. They do not attract investment and cause inhabitants to leave district.

 Experience in many European cities shows examples of transformation of former industrial buildings into bright, renewed cultural centers that cause a change of the whole area, not just comfortable to live in, but also prestigious for investment and self-development. Taking into account a number of people with background in creative professions, who have international education and experience, there are conditions for creating culture environment and unique culture product to rethink former industrial buildings and fill in with new, high-quality and comparative product.

Therefor we have decided to bring interested people and experts together to develop models for regeneration of industrial buildings for need of creative people in order to implementate project of regeneration in Ukraine.